Is bitcoin mining profitable?

This is the question that everyone is asking.Is bitcoin mining profitable? Well, my answer is both yes and no.You may be confused by the answer.Before I give you answer, I will divide it to 2 parts.Long-term and short-term.

is bitcoin mining profitable for the long term?

Yes.Absolutely very very profitable.because every year bitcoin price will increase 2,3 times.maybe even more.So if you mine Bitcoin or any other currency.Keep them and do not sell them.find peak time of the price to imagine what is that.well always bitcoin price will not high and not low either.Time to time price will go very high and very low.So wait until it raises to that case you need to be very patients.

is bitcoin mining worth it for short term?

No.Some are looking for quick and easy ways to earn money.when they try it they lose their money and never trust online investments ever.If you mining bitcoin.Please wait for at least 3-6 months.At least, if you can wait like 5Years. Well, you will be very rich. why my answer is NO to "is bitcoin mining worth it for short term", If you sell your bitcoins that you mined every day you 'll lose money not gain profit.

So you deside is bitcoin mining worth it or's up to you.Stay patients and get profit

If you need any ivestment ideas.Or any problem contact me.

cryptocurrency mining profitability

Why is cryptocurrency mining profitability decreasing?

cryptocurrency mining profitability is decreasing day by day when mining difficulty increase day by day. And also affects the Bitcoin Block Reward Halving Countdown.See the link
It means the reward of the bitcoin is reduce by half every 210,000 blocks or 4 Years time period.

how to buy bitcoins anonymously

Why do you need to buy how to buy bitcoins anonymously?

Most of the websites asking to upload verifications like ID, passport, Driving licence, Credit/Debit card details, Photos of you holding the card. This is very annoying and takes time to approve your account And some need complete privacy may be government, banks don't want to know your money transaction.

1. how to buy bitcoins anonymously
You can buy any crypto like BTC,Doge or exchange to any crypto. this even give free hash power Satoshi.Buy contract.

2. how to buy bitcoins locally
From this website, you can buy bitcoin in your area.Can even meet in person and do the deal.Or any other Payment gateway like PayPal,VISA/MASTER, etc..

Best bitcoin mining software

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Miner Gate is the best bitcoin mining software. Software that run any platform Apple, Mac, Windows. just install and run.Application can mine using both GPU and CPU. And most important thing is this application can mine 2 crypto currencies at same time by adjusting mining power. Share the link with your friends and followers and make them mine for you! Once your friends register and start mining, you will be getting up to 75% earnings from miner gate. No need to manual coding or anything.Just install and run it 24H.

Why best bitcoin mining software?

  • Mine with both GPU and CPU
  • Lowest fee and best performance
  • Available for Wndows,Mac,Ubuntu,Fedora
  • Buy cloud mining power

Trusted genuine site to buy mining power

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Over 1 million people are enjoying the world's leading hash power provider. Genesis Mining is an easy, safe and lucrative way to mine Bitcoin, Etherum, Dash, Litecoin, Monero, Zcash and lots more. As soon as you set up an account, you can start earning your first coins from the efficient cloud mining service. You can use r6Ugzo" to get 3% discount-rate on purchases.

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